How to Hang a Painting

Gallery Rule

Ideal Height

The "gallery rule" is to display artwork's focal point 57 inches from the floor.

Focal point can be person's eyes for portraits, horizon for landscape or artwork's center for all others.

Why 57 inches (4 feet and 8 inches)?  This roughly corresponds to an "eye-level" for most people 

One side note, artworks that are positioned too high are uncomfortable for us to look at.  So better lower than higher.



Sun Exposure.  Oil paintings and acrylics will do OK in direct sunlight.  While watercolors, photographs and works on paper do NOT like sun and will fade quickly.

Humidity.  Most paintings will not do well in areas with high humidity or water exposure.  With some exceptions:

For bathrooms, aluminum panels or prints are ideal as aluminum doesn't corrode.

For kitchens, paintings with external protective layer (e.g. glass, acrylic) would do well.

space around artwork

Filling the void

How should artwork match with other items in your room?

A good spot for a painting will fill a void in your room.  It will not feel crowded or too busy.  But it will also leave enough wall padding around it

For example, 6 inches is usually enough space between large furnuture pieces and your artwork

Notice the "halo" space around the artwork in examples below

Hanging Wire


Painting hanging nails

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Hangman Kits

Hangman Kits

Happy Hanging!