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From our customers:

This San Francisco art gallery represents an exciting, eclectic mix of artists from all over the world. I bought two of Motong's paintings and I absolutely love them! Max personally delivered them to me and even hung them for me. Talk about great service! I highly recommend them.

Portrait of a woman, daydreaming with turquoise background
Sujata, California

I love the colors (the Ukrainian orange is a nice touch) and the happy, quirky look and feel of the painting. I'm an amateur, but the workwomanship looks excellent. The painting has a nice, textured background. I don't know how it's done, probably with paint and a spatula. In any case, it's a great painting and we love it!

Stefan, Switzerland

This painting has tremendous meaning to my wife and I. Max, the art gallery owner, was amazing to deal with. It made its way from San Francisco to Sydney in no time at all.

Michael, Australia

Max showed me there is great kindness and generosity in this world. He is informative about the artwork he shows and the art is of high quality. He packaged my picture perfectly and shipped it promptly. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you so much Max!

Katerina, San Francisco

The artist, Alina Krutogolova, is a genius. Art House SF is a gem. I will be back. Max has an eye for the unique.

Marko, California

We love the painting and it arrived in perfect shape, having been very carefully packaged.

Shai, Canada

I love this painting so much!

Anastasia, San Francisco

As always, dealing with Max is a pleasure. "Port of Monopoli" arrived incredibly carefully packaged and well-framed, with a full package of hanging accessories. It's now hung carefully on the wall opposite "Castel Vecchio" and makes a wonderful addition to our collection. Thanks and looking forward to continuing to expand our art collection, Max!

Peter, North Carolina

Beautiful art gallery in the heart of San Francisco and a unique exhibition. One particular piece is on my wall now. Iโ€™m looking forward to stopping by again on my next trip to San Francisco.

Simon, Michigan