Kazakh Art by two Kazakh female artists. View of Almaty

Kazakh Art: 🇰🇿 Original Acrylic and Mixed-Media Paintings

      Kazakh Artists - Galia and Bota Kussainov

      GaBo Kussаinov are twin sisters from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Galia and Bota.

      The sisters, who have been deaf since infancy, have been proving throughout their life that deafness is no obstacle to creativity. Galia and Bota have been drawing since they were three years old, and their parents encouraged them, understanding that for their special children, painting could be the best way of expression in this world.

      "One artist in two persons" – is what an art critic Bayan Barmankulova called this art. Galia and Bota are twin sisters, and almost all their pictures are the fruit of their joint work that they sign as "GaBo", their alias.

      Each of them has her own, special creative style, but it does not get in the way; on the contrary, it helps the sisters’ painting as pictures by four hands. They create picturesque graphic pieces on tapestry, batik, ceramics, in embroidery, applique, installations in mixed technique - gouache, pastel, watercolors, gold and silver foil, which makes them more individual and unique.

      Our work is one and indivisible, the artists say. Creating our paintings, we do not meddle but complement each other.

      14 artworks

      14 artworks