About Art House SF

Art House SF is an emerging art gallery in San Francisco, California.  

The gallery was started by Max Khusid in February 2019. Max spent the first 20 years of his professional career in the world of technology. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, worked for several Silicon Valley startups, and spent nine years with Apple where he managed an international team of data analysts, software engineers, and silicon design experts. For the next 20 years, he is diving into the unknown and immeasurable world of art. He is amazed at what artists can do, and mesmerized by their imagination and creativity.

Max is inspired by the mystic art and adventurous life journey of Nicholas Roerich.  He believes in the Pax Cultura pact signed in 1935 in Washington, DC by 21 countries and its mission of preserving art around the world.

Art House SF currently represents 21 artists from 13 different countries and four continents. Our artworks are in private collections in the US, France, Germany and Australia.

Art House SF exhibited at Art San Diego and Superfine San Francisco international art fairs. In 2021, we will exhibit at Art Vancouver and Superfine Seattle.

Our mission is to find and bring art from the most remote and undiscovered parts of the world.
We get excited about Yak ghee paintings on rice paper from Nepal, India ink artworks from France, "marginales" expressionism from Colombia, and psychedelic art from Israel.  As the gallery owner, Max Khusid travels to these remote places to immerse himself in the artists' daily environments, to better understand their work, mindset, and philosophy.  Ultimately, we'd like to make the world smaller not just through consumer goods but through art, the most universal language.

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