The doors are opening...

The doors are opening...

How we became a real art gallery 

It started back in December 2020.  I had to run to the UPS Store and picked the one on Market and Castro.  There was this cool spot ready for lease, I noticed.  Big windows, brick arches, a white brick wall.  It looked kind of cool. 

The city was gloomy and overcast, with a just few people walking the streets and homeless people enjoying the empty city.  "San Francisco is dying" headlines were common back then.  But San Francisco couldn't be dying.  San Francisco was only transforming and shedding its old skin.

 And out of all places where we could have been, I think we ended up in the best possible spot. 

The iconic Market St in San Francisco with its streetcars running along for more than 130 years. 

Green streetcar, F-line San Francisco

And the famous Castro District.  In the heart of San Francisco.

"a neighborhood of freedom, acceptance, creativity and diversity."

Castro, SF Heart

 It has been long several months since then, getting the space ready.  On June 19th, our small but intimate art gallery will open its doors at 2324 Market St in San Francisco.  

So many people helped us to make it happen. 

I would like to thank Don and Nancy Felton and the Almac Camera for their amazing art photography and just being good people.

Don Felton and Almac Camera 

Boris Polissky for letting me borrow his photo for my Tinder profile (Boris, sorry, I forgot to tell you that ;), chatting up about SEO, art photography, studio light and more.
Masha and Arthur for their best food, and for being great friends, and for numerous nights discussing how to make it all happen
My sister for support, washing windows, suggesting furniture, picking artworks and much more:
Marina, flowers
My mom for coming here for a couple of weeks from NJ and helping with everything from cleaning to hanging art hanging rails, and so much more:
Mom, rails
And even four-legged friends who had to wait patiently for this construction to be over:
And so many more of my friends and people who made it happen.  Thank You!


  • Anna Sigal

    We wish you all the very best.You are very smart,brave,intelligent,creative,hard working,persistent,unpredictable, educated ,talented,adventurous and caring person,who try to make our world better,more beautiful,greener,peaceful and enjoble.Thanks for your hard work and also introducing new artist to us.Good luck.Keep smiling!!!!

  • michael chidambaram

    I’m glad we were able to get you into the space. Looking forward to seeing you and the new gallery!

  • Neil Murphy

    You did it Max! You have such a thoughtful approach to life, art, and business. May your gallery be successful in all ways — and bring you, your artists, and your friends much happiness. See you soon, Neil

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