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A large number of high-ticket (high-value and high-priced) itemsย we buy in the US are actually bought on credit. ย Multiple industries: car sales, real-estate sales,ย kitchen appliances,ย ย high-end electronics, even our cell phones have adopted "financing" options over the years.

According to Motley Fool, the average American has about $1,700 in monthly discretionary income. This is the amount of money left after paying all bills and major expenses. ย 

Large art pieces about $1,000 then are candidates for financing or monthly installment plans.

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Apple's approach

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What about the Art Market?

Art House SF Partnership with ARTMoney

On October 11, 2019, ArtHouse SF partnered with ArtMoneyย in an effort to make buying art more affordable for our clients. ย We recognize that art must be accessible and affordable. ย In fact, it's part of our mission to offer original art in all price ranges, finding alternative ways to finance original artworks, and lowering our expenses so that we can offer your better prices for our artwork. ย 

Partnership with ArtMoney is the first step in this direction, one of many to come. ย ArtMoney is an innovative service that started in Australia and is now expanding to the United States. ย It has over 1,000 partner galleries worldwide and is well represented at all major art fairs.

How does it work? ย You as a collector pay a 10% downpayment on the art work you like from ArtHouse SF. ย You take the artwork home. ย Then, you pay 9 more monthly installments. ย Zero Interest. ย We pay the interest for you.

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