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Tbilisi, Georgia - From the 5th century AD to Modernity

There's a strange attachment we develop when we visit a place.  Whether through the memories we made in it or through our physical senses (smell, taste, sight, sound), we comprehend, we accept a new place in our life.  It becomes a small part of our experience, and the connection to it, however thin, is with us for many years.

Two years ago, I visited the Republic of Georgia in a faraway corner of this world, sandwiched between the Black and the Caspian Sea in Eurasia.  Frankly, I am not even sure if Georgia should be considered to be in Europe or in Asia because it is right on the boundary. 

Georgia is one of the oldest countries in the world that adopted Christianity in the 4th century AD.  It was also Georgia where in Greek Mythology, Jason and the Argonauts were looking for the Golden Fleece.   It is Georgia where the rich traditions of wine-making, unique cuisine, unique script, and unique people meet modernity with one of the most unique visual arts traditions in the world.

And maybe this video can lift its veil just a tiny bit:


And take a look at the art of George Abramidze from Tbilisi, Georgia and his Dancing Houses series:

Georgia Artist - George Abramidze


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