Alyona Krutogolova:
Art Therapy

February 17 - March 17, 2024

Ukrainian artist Alena Krutogolova creates her own artistic language based on simplified forms, deliberate decorativeness, and an ironic worldview.

In her work, she synthesizes the traditions of Ukrainian folk art and elements of naive art with a modern artistic eye, expanding the boundaries of her personal creative space, and populating it with cute and colorful characters - pet hedgehogs, dreamy floral cats, wandering sea cows, harvest hens, and spotted owls.

She welcomes us to her "happy island" to escape the difficulties, stresses, and troubles that populate our modern life. In our day to day lives, we desperately need that simplicity, joy - and a bit of kind and harmless silliness - which adds new colors and opens a fresh perspective.

The colorful heroes of her paintings declare their position to the viewer: it is difficult to blame the universe for its imperfections when a pretzel, a cup of tea, or a bouquet of daisies are all balancing on your head at that very moment.

Life is joy (every time we inhale, and especially every time we exhale)!

And that’s why we need to live every moment carefully and attentively, just like children when they eat cake, with reverence and while slightly protecting the plate with their hand, because... you never know :)

Ukrainian wreath

Inner worlds

Close to your heart

Untied shoelaces

Wrinkles on our skin

There's something very old-fashioned and almost regal to her compositions.

In the world of selfies, her portraits remind us of the pre-iPhone days. Days when people would dress up for family photos. The entire family would get together, and stand straight in front of the camera, just like they do in Respectable Frog Family.

Her other artwork looks similar to the 17th-century royal "en-face" (frontal) portraits. Like the noblemen of their time, Alyona's pups and frogs always dress up for the occasion and look at us with dignity and authority.

1940s vintage family portrait

Musician Pug by Alyona Krutogolova

Portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger

Our Art Exhibit

Photos from our art reception for "Art Therapy" in February 2024.