Art for 99-percenters

How to Afford Art?

The intimidating world of Fine Art.

Art historically has been classified as a "luxury item".  

We think of Victorian kings and queens, super expensive Sotheby's auctions, or world masters displayed in the best museums in the world.  

In this article, we will try to share a few secrets and tips to make more art more affordable.

Art is for Everyone!

("not just for one percenters")


From Local or Famous artists

Art Prints

Affordable Masterpiece

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Print

Certificate of Authenticity

Note that a limited edition print usually comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity."

This certificate lists your copy number (1 in this example)

Some artists also write down the copy number on the back of their artwork.

Price per Square Inch

Original Art

Financing Art

Buy Now, Pay Later

Read more about ART Financing

Maybe works?

Art Rent

Remodeling and Art

Art in Interior Design

The national average for kitchen remodeling is $16,600 or $150 per sq. ft.  So how much should one spend on the artwork? 

Architectural Digest magazine recommends setting aside 10-15% of the overall budget on art.

And if we do the math, for $2000 (10% of $20k), a lot of great original art or prints can be purchased.


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