Tel-Aviv promenade. Israeli Art for Sale

Israeli Art For Sale: 🇮🇱 Original Acrylic Paintings by Tavalina


      Israeli Art for Sale by Tavalina from Aviel, Israel

      Israeli artist Rinat "Tavalina" Kishony was born in Haifa, Israel in 1966. She graduated from the Israel Institute of Technology in 1992 with a Bachelor of Architecture. After a personal crisis in her 30th year, she began to paint. Rinat abandoned architecture and devoted herself to her art.

      At the same time, she embarked on a thrilling journey of personal discovery. She left Israel and set off, traveling the world – from India to Costa Rica to Guatemala to Italy. After ten years abroad, Rinat returned to Israel with her family, where she continues painting and presenting her work, as well as teaching art.

      “I love the power of color, and my creative process alternates between different contrasts – spontaneous vs. exact work, cold vs. warm colors, fast vs. slow, opaque vs. transparent, and a constructive vs. destructive process.

      Gradually, I search for a new balance, a new order.

      The paintings are constructed in layers, in a constant movement of exploration on the edge of a cliff.

      I try to find in me the consent to get lost, to meet the unknown, to destroy - then appears discovery and surprise, and the finished paintings are vivid and full of energy.”

      29 artworks

      29 artworks