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Ideas, Sizes, Recommendations


In this guide, we'll go over basic rules for art above a queen bed and share ~20 artworks available in our gallery that are a good fit.

We group these suggestions by style, color, and size to show you various choices for artwork above your queen bed.

You can purchase them directly from our website or contact us with any questions.

Artwork as a focal point

Why have an art piece above a bed to begin with? Because art above your queen bed has a perfect focal point in the room.

It will look great in that spot!

1. Typically, a bedroom has a nice, clean light background above a queen bed headboard, with even, aesthetically pleasing rectangular proportions. This creates an elegant frame-within-a-frame visual border around your artwork, which draws the eye's attention to it.

2. The headboard also creates a visual pedestal for the artwork. Similarly to the way art galleries exhibit works of art on a pedestal, your artwork draws one's eyes to it.

3. The bed often is centered in the bedroom, with symmetrical objects on both sides (e.g. bedside tables, lamps). That symmetry on both sides usually surrounds the queen bed. These visual "columns" add additional framing and negative white space so that the artwork stands out even more.

Queen Bed

Art Size Above a Queen Bed

A typical queen bed in America is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide (5 ft). Following the standard artwork size rule, the artwork above a queen bed should be between 4/7 and 3/4 of the bed's width. Thus, the artwork should be 34 to 45 inches wide.

The distance between the top of the headboard and the artwork should be 6 to 12 inches. If the artwork hangs too high, it will look disconnected from the bed. If the artwork hangs too low, it will get in a way too often and is likely to fall eventually.

In the example above, "My Angel is a Hipster," a painting by the Chilean artist Cristina Vera Aguilar, is 40 inches wide. You can see how well this size works for a 60-inch queen bed.

Framing and Safety Considerations

Our Artwork Recommendations

In the next section, we'll present ~25 of our recommendations. These paintings and fine art prints will help you to visualize different artwork styles and what will work best in your home.

You can buy art directly from our website or ask us for help. We'll assist you with any inquiries and help you with the purchasing process. The selection of artwork below is available for purchase right away and is shipped from our gallery in San Francisco, California.



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