Hajime Namiki:
Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints

March 23 - May 17, 2024

How it all started...

My introduction to Japanese woodblock prints started on a 9-hour flight from San Francisco to Tokyo. I was reading several Wikipedia articles on Ukiyo-e, Japanese art history, and art exhibits in Tokyo. After some Googling, I got super excited when I learned that tomorrow is the last day for a rare Hasui Kawase exhibit in Ginza, Tokyo.

Please follow me on my journey, which led me to discover an amazing contemporary Japanese woodblock print master, Hajime Nakimi, on Namiki-Dori Street in Ginza, Tokyo, out of all places.

floating world


(new) floating world


Meanwhile in California

Watch NHK Documentary "Steve Jobs and Japan"

Steve Jobs with an early Macintosh computer and Hashiguchi Goyo's "Combing Her Hair" (1920)

My trip to Japan

Here, in S. Watanabe Woodcut Prints shop, I was first introduced to Hajime Namiki's work. Mr. Shochiro Watanabe is the grandson of the great Shōzaburō Watanabe, the patron of the Shin-hanga art movement. Mr. Shochiro Watanabe continues his grandfather's tradition.

But while his grandfather made the world appreciate Shin-Hanga, Mr. Shochiro Watanabe tells the story of the Sōsaku-hanga artists.

Shochiro Watanabe and Max Khusid at S.Watanabe Woodcut Prints. Novemeber, 2023

Creative prints


Sosaku-hanga artist

Hajime Namiki

Namiki's process

Kappy Hendricks