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Chuchin Gutierrez


      Chuchin was born in Bucaramanga, Columbia.  When he was 20 years, he moved to Chile and now resides in Requinoa, Chile.  He defines his style as Contemporary Expressionism and Marginal Art. 

      He specializes in vivid, highly graphic, graffiti-inspired compositions.  His work often features a dynamic mass of irregular abstract forms, including eye motifs, in a polychrome palette on a white ground.

      In his work, he studies modern-day human subjects and our emotions and reactions to the complicated world we live in. His Neo-Expressionist portraits are distinctly 21st-century portraits overflowing with complexity, multi-tasking, and multi-dimensionality.

      Yet still very human.

      I discovered Chuchin Gutierrez on my first visit to Santiago, Chile, in 2018. We were traveling from Santiago up to the Atacama desert, and then crossed over to Argentina and back. In December of 2018, Santiago was one of the most peaceful, if not sleepy, cities I have ever seen. Quiet, quaint, full of tourists sipping their espressos and enjoying the early summer breeze. While in Santiago, I knew I had to visit the Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art or Museo de Art Contemporaneo. Somewhere next to the large exhibition of the most famous Chilean artist, Roberto Matta, on the walls of the museum cafe, Chuchin's art was modestly hung. I wondered how Roberto Matta's career started? I reached out to Chuchin soon after, and our relationship began. Little did we know back in December 2018 what Santiago would look like in December 2019. 

      I happened to be in Chile a year later in December 2019. The same museum was covered in graffiti. Santiago was in the middle of what looked like a revolution. And Chuchin's paintings with their brutal colors and the subjects of the "marginal" subjects were in much more appropriate surroundings. Who knew that contemporary expressionism would get out of the museum walls and onto the streets of Santiago?


      In his own words...

      Chuchin Gutierrez in his studio

      Husband, Dad, son, brother, uncle, godfather, and in my spare time Architect! And if I have time ... I'm Chuchin !!


      11 artworks

      11 artworks