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Ideas, Sizes, Recommendations

Our Art above a Fireplace Recommendations

In this guide, we'll go over basic rules for artwork above a fireplace and share 5 of our suggestions.

We group these suggestions by style, color, and size to show you various choices for artwork above the fireplace.

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Artwork as a Focal Point

Art above a fireplace as a focal point. Frame within a frame

But first, why have an art piece above a fireplace to begin with? Because art above a fireplace has a perfect focal point in the room. It will look great in that spot!

1. Typically, a room has a nice, clean white background above a fireplace, with even, aesthetically pleasing rectangular proportions. This creates an elegant frame-wtihin-a-frame visual border around your artwork, which draws the eye's attention to it.

2. Note also a nice white pedestal that the fireplace itself creates for the artwork. Similarly to the way art galleries exhibit works of art on a pedestal, your artwork is emphasized.

3. Plus, clean vertical column support usually surrounds fireplaces. These visual "columns" add additional framing and negative white space so that the artwork stands out even more.

Anatomy of a fireplace

Fireplace Width

Art size above a fireplace

More ways to hang art above a fireplace

Of course, we can hang more than one piece of art above a fireplace. Watch this video from Krikla Interior Design London for 5 creative ways to hang artwork above a fireplace.

Our Recommendations

In the next section, we'll present 5 of our recommendations. These art recommendations will help you to visualize different artwork styles and what will work best in your home.

Buy art from our website or ask us for help. We'll assist you with any inquiries and help you with the purchasing process.

Lobsang Durney

Surrealist Worlds

See Lobsang's art
Art Above a Fireplace example. Mid-century modern Icelandic artist

Iris Kristmunds

Midcentury Modern

See Iris' art


Abstract Landscapes

See Tavalina's work


Perfect Imperfections

See Blechmeki's artwork

Tsholo Motong

A spice of life

See Tsholo's art

These are just a few ideas to help you find the best art piece for your fireplace. To find a great match, we recommend deciding on the 3 categories below:

  1. size (e.g. horizontal, vertical, 36-50 inches wide)
  2. color palette (e.g. vibrant, monochrome, natural, black and white)
  3. style (e.g. cinematic, city or landscape, portrait, abstract)

And if you need any help, we'll be happy to send you a few options from our current inventory.

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