Above a Fireplace

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Our Art above a Fireplace Recommendations

In the guide below, we'll review basic guidelines for the artwork above a fireplace and present 5 of our recommendations. These artworks are organized by style, color palette, and size to give you an idea of different options for fireplace art. You can purchase them directly from our website or contact us with any questions.

Anatomy of a fireplace

Fireplace Width

Art size above a fireplace

Lobsang Durney

Surrealist Worlds

See Lobsang's art

Iris Kristmunds

Midcentury Modern

See Iris' art


Abstract Landscapes

See Tavalina's work


Perfect Imperfections

See Blechmeki's artwork

Tsholo Motong

A spice of life

See Tsholo's art

These are just a few ideas to help you find the best art piece for your fireplace. To find a great match, we recommend deciding on the 3 categories below:

  1. size (e.g. horizontal, vertical, 36-50 inches wide)
  2. color palette (e.g. vibrant, monochrome, natural, black and white)
  3. style (e.g. cinematic, city or landscape, portrait, abstract)

And if you need any help, we'll be happy to send you a few options from our current inventory.

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