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      Nora Bruhn aka "Konorebi" is a San Francisco-based artist originally from Minnesota.  Nora is a self-taught artist who is focusing on public art and murals.  

      She was one of the first artists participating in the Paint the Void project.  Her mural can be seen at 398 Hayes St in San Francisco.


      In her own words...

      Konorebi.  Nora Bruhn

       Konorebi is derived from the Japanese verb Komorebi.  Komorebi describes a very specific type of lighting and translates to, when light shines through leaves on trees in a forest. 

      I chose to base my name from komorebi for a few reasons.  First, I love traditional Japanese culture, especially the way it honors nature and simplicity.  I also find it humbling and fascinating that there are words in cultures other than my own that do not directly translate to English.  Finally, my art is visual.  We would not be able to use our vision to see art without light. 

      To me lighting is everything.  When I am in a forest and see komorebi, those angel-like rays create a magical feeling inside of me.  This feeling is what I strive to recreate for people viewing my art.  This is why I chose the name Konorebi. 

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      1 artwork