Boeing 707 (Print)
Boeing 707 (Print)
Boeing 707 (Print)
Boeing 707 (Print)
Boeing 707 (Print)
Boeing 707 (Print)
Boeing 707 (Print)
Boeing 707 (Print)

Boeing 707 (Print)

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Originally this painting was a fly. That common and despicable insect that is in so many places. But personally I wanted to give the painting a new twist and change, if not its main function as a flying city, its appearance. I think it is a mistake not to look for beauty in art, although it may sound retrograde to many contemporary artists, the fly was not beautiful. I changed it to include elements more typical of transport such as the front of an airplane and a boat below. Maybe she's still a fly, but she stayed in disguise. Conceptually, the idea that nothing is fixed, even when we believe that we are still with our rooms, we can imagine that they really are flying, everything is in continuous movement. The painting can represent them in this case as an impossible flying machine but that exists in this painting somehow. References to Valparaíso are impossible to avoid.

The original painting is in a private collection in San Francisco

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Technique Dimensions
Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print  see options below
Framing From
Heavy wood stretcher bars
Valparaíso, Chile

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this artwork original? How is it framed?
This artwork is a very accurate reproduction of the original work. It is what's called a "giclée" or a "fine art print". The original of this work has been carefully scanned in our workshop in San Francisco to produce these museum-quality reproductions.
Every work is ready to be hung. For HD Metal Print, an aluminum back-frame has a hanging wire to attach your work to the wall. For Canvas Print, the artwork is gallery wrapped canvas with a hanging wire on the back. See our framing guide for details.
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Each package includes everything you need to install the artwork: a level, nails, microfiber cloth, even a small tape measure.
Fine art prints are custom made-to-order products and are not eligible for returns.
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