Life of Buddha

Authentic Thangka by the Contemporary Thangka Artist Tashi Gurung
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Descending from Tushita Heaven

1. Descent

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2. Conception

Birth in the garden of Lumbini

3. Birth

Training in the sciences and arts

4. Upbringing

Enjoying the palace and marriage

5. Princely Life

Renunciation of worldly life

6. Renunciation

Practicing austerities for six years

7. Austerity

Striving for enlightenment to the foot of the bodhi tree

8. Adopting the Middle Way

Overcoming Mara’s demons

9. Overcoming Evil

Enlightenment under the bodhi tree

10. Enlightenment

Turning the wheel of Dharma

11. Teaching

Passing into Mahaparinirvana

12. Passing Away