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Max Ehrman aka E.O.N.75 (Extermination Of Normality), born in 1975 in the sunny little beach town of Naples Florida, found the world of art in his early twenties when he was living in Gainesville, Florida while attending the University of Florida. Having never seen graffiti art in his life, he had no understanding of what the culture was or even what the medium of spray paint was. One day, a mural was produced on a public art wall in Gainesville. This event changed the course of his life and career. Three German muralistsย made a memorial wall to a child that died tragically. Conceptually, the mural was beyond anythingย Max had ever seen. The layout, design, execution, and color balance were incredible. The next day he went to his local paint store, bought spray paint and went to the wall, and hasnโ€™t stopped painting ever since.

Since that first chance encounter, Max has excelled in the art form. He moved to Europe in the fall of 2001 and studied architecture at the Dessau Institute of Architecture where he received his masters. While in Europe he painted in 6 countries and showed artwork in galleries in 4 countries.

After coming back to the USA, he has been very busy. Currently living in San Francisco his work has been published internationally and nationally. EON75 has also produced murals for the City of San Francisco and known muralist documentarian Jim Prigoff. He also has painted at many festivals and live venues in San Francisco, Florida, Miami and New York City.

In his own words...

Max Ehrman

Collectively we are surrounded by a beautiful organic world that is the basis for all and all we are.ย From the smallest molecule to the largest Solar system we are involved in the cosmic dance on a daily basis.ย 

The environment around us intrigues, excites, and elevates the art I produce.ย  Perfection is found in the harmony and the balances that is in nature.ย  The Laws of Natureย and the natural world control and influence my art.ย  A leaf is as perfect in its composition and functionality as the form of a dolphin glidingย through the ocean.ย 

I look to these harmonies and relationships as a wayย to understand light, color, shading, texture and composition in my paintings.ย  By understanding the guidelines and rules of nature only then can you break these rules and create a new world.

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