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Inna Petrashkevich is a contemporary Belarusian artist.  Inna received her Masters in Fine Arts and Graphics Design from Belorussian State Pedagogical University. She has been teaching painting and mainly watercolors for over 30 years. Her primary focus is on watercolor painting, but she has also worked on illustration and graphic design.

Her watercolor paintings are in private collections in the UK, Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, and the United States.  She regularly hosts master-classes in Minsk and Moscow, where she teaches her watercolor technique. Inna participated in numerous national and international watercolor art exhibits.

Inna paints almost every day and she gained over 20,000 Instagram followers from all over the world.

About Inna...

Inna Petrashkevich

Inna Petrashkevich lives in the small town of Orsha in Belarus. A small town in a small Eastern European country. One of those towns untouched and unspoiled by civilization. Time has slowed down in Orsha, and the 21st century feels like the 18th.

It is here where Inna creates. It is the little things that she notices around her. Far away from civilization and modern luxuries, perhaps it is here that it is easier to notice the small plants and creatures in her garden. Orsha is surrounded by one of the densest and oldest forests in Europe. It is here where everything is breathing around you. We might not hear their sounds, but the plants and flowers are breathing too. Her watercolor garden paintings make us feel exactly that. She is not painting inanimate colorful objects. She is painting live creatures. She is painting flowers that want to look their best and give us joy. She is painting flowers that are dissolved in the morning fog. They are floating like clouds. They are here one second and disappear the next.

Her watercolor technique is perfect for this tenderness, this evanescence, these fleeting moments when flowers are blooming one day and vanish the next — these short but beautiful moments she is capturing for us.

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