Black Woman's Art - Artwork by South African Tsholo Motong

Black Women's Art: by 🇿🇦 Tsholo Motong and 🇺🇸 Paul Lewin

Black Women's Art by Tsholo Splash Motong from South African

Tsholo “Splash” Motong is a South African artist and fashion designer. Being born and bred in the biggest township in South Africa - Soweto, his keen inspiration has always been influenced by the vibrant & colorful lifestyle that Soweto offers.

Splash discovered his creativity and artistic potential at a young age. As a colorful artist, he relishes using bright colors (“a spice of life,” as he calls them). His main inspiration is his grandmother, hence the dominance of women in his artwork. 

She was my pillar, she raised me up from the ground up. She used to do crafts like knitting and crochet, so that’s how I started learning how to work with fabrics and colors and enjoy textures. She didn’t scold me when I told her I want to venture into this career.

I do use different fabrics from different cultures, countries and tribes to tell a single story that resonates with all the cultures.


Black Women's Art by Paul LewinPaul Lewin was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973. He moved to the U.S. with my family in 1977 and spent most of my younger years growing up in Miami FL. 

"My art is inspired by Afro-Caribbean/ African folklore, nature, sci-fi, and Afrofuturism. I’m primarily focused on storytelling; a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, dating back to ancient Africa. My intent is to create alternate worlds, with various elements of African and Afro-Caribbean culture. 

The subjects in my work represent the ancestors. Ancient ancestors, futuristic ancestors, interdimensional ancestors, and all the other beings that inhabit the spirit world.

My creative process involves meditating on these concepts and allowing space for whatever comes up. I’ve always loved the theory of the artist as a conduit, transcribing visions onto a canvas. Or photographing dreams. "

25 artworks

25 artworks