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Alyona Krutogolova


Ukrainian artist Alena Krutogolova creates her own artistic language based on simplified forms, deliberate decorativeness, and an ironic worldview.

In her work, she synthesizes the traditions of Ukrainian folk art and elements of naive art with a modern artistic eye, expanding the boundaries of her personal creative space, and populating it with cute and colorful characters - pet hedgehogs, dreamy floral cats, wandering sea cows, harvest hens, and spotted owls.

About Alyona...

Alyona Krutogolova

We cannot avoid butย pay attention to the original author's technique, rich palette, and bright airy colors which give a feeling of real warmth.

Itย is a wonderful world that both adults and children immediately fall in love with.

In our stressful, complicated times, what we desperately need is the simple, warm, fuzzy creaturesย Alena is creating for us.

And the highest achievement for Alena is that her paintings bringย joy to people all over the world from South Africa to Norway.

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