Our eighth exhibit: Tavalina from Israel

Our eighth exhibit: Tavalina from Israel

We are bringing Tavalina's artwork again to San Francisco for her second solo show in our gallery.

Her first solo exhibit was all about the world outside. The Old City of Jerusalem, bustling Tel Aviv with promenade and beaches, Renaissance Florence, and warm Tuscany landscapes.

Tel Aviv promenade acrylic painting by Israeli artist Tavalina

Her second show is about the world inside. Inside our house. Inside ourselves. Inside our thoughts.

Like most of us, she spent much more time at home in the last few years, forced by the global pandemic to stay indoors. In her recent work, she paints everyday still lifes. A kitchen table with utensils, a toaster, and a dish cleaner. A bed with a bedside table and perfumery on it. Back to the kitchen with a coffee maker, a fruit basket, and a stove grate. A glass vase and fresh flower bouquet in it.

Still life, quiet bedroom.  Israeli artist Tavalina

We named this exhibit "Windows Beyond" as windows are prominent in her latest work. Her windows are symbolic and yet so much more introspective and emotional. They are ever-present in her work. They separate the world inside and the world outside. The world inside ourselves and the world as it exists outside of us.

Kitchen still life by an Israeli artist, Tavalina

See Tavalina's new work in person at our opening reception on Saturday, October 1st.

You can also see her virtual exhibit in our gallery:


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