George Abramidze, In his own words

Georgia Abramidze is a talented and innovate artist from Tbilisi, Georgia.  From dancing houses to his amazing collages made out of regular everyday objects (please see the video below), he makes things around him come ALIVE!  Regular houses have emotions, have friends, have bad days, have cracks and scars, yet still hold their form.   


I met George on my trip to Georgia in 2018 and we are still friends.  He still amazes me with his visual puzzles and his never-ending playfulness.


In his own words...


I was born in 1966 in Georgia. In the information era that we live in, enormous visual and cultural information enters and settles in our souls. It affects us without our explicit permission and often without us even consciously noticing it. What is portrayed by contemporary art, its direction, focus, and philosophy changes our attitudes towards the past.


The art is created not only thanks to the artist's efforts, but also because of the inertness of society's spiritual interests. Each artistic, aesthetic, philosophic direction and school of thought are indicators of living pulsation of certain epoch and time. The mouthpiece of interests of current social order. Each "ism", each artistic movement is the expression of life, beauty, continuity, movement, human thought, opinion, and is originated based on

a continuous state of exploration, dissatisfaction with the existing status quo and based on everlasting spiritual thirst. 

Any human being, and especially a creative individual, always strives to recognize the unknown