Lobsang Durney's Biography

Lobsang Durney  was born in Quilpué on June 9, 1976.  He graduated with a degree in architecture from Technical University Federico Santa María and worked extensively  in the advertising workshops of his father learning the technique of screen printing and others. 


"My experience with art begins as a child.  Encouraged by my mother and influenced by my father, a painter and screen-printer, I started working early in our advertising workshop.  I went from being an apprentice to an active collaborator in the creation of graphic pieces, which made me learn this trade and take interest in painting, advertising graphics and reproduction techniques.


"In my youth I won several painting contests, and this recognition motivated me to stay on track.  Later I studied architecture in Federico Santa María Technical University in Valparaiso, Chile. I wanted to learn how to combine the creative capacity of art and scientific knowledge, two commonly distinct and distanced areas. The use of digital tools identify my work, so I became familiar with the new techniques of representation, without abandoning traditional painting. I had the opportunity to give workshops and talks at prestigious universities in Chile. I have developed four important exhibitions to date, which are mostly related to the port city of Valparaíso, where I lived for many years."


Selected Exhibitions:

2006 Exhibition 10Megapinceles, Antesala I. Municipality of Viña del Mar. 
2006 Exhibition 6Megapinceles gallery A TODA COSTA, Algarrobo.

2008 Classical Art Fair, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

2009 Exhibition Pig Led Room. Viña del Mar, Chile
2010 Collective 13x13 AICA selection, University of Talca, Providencia. Chile
2010 Selected VII International Water-color Biennial. Viña del Mar, Chile.
2010 Honorable Mention contest My City of the I. Valparaíso, Chile.
2010 Preselected MAVI contemporary art contest "Cabeza de Ratón". Santiago, Chile
2011 Exhibition Embajadores Ensubidores , Sala el Farol, University of Valparaíso.

2011 Visual Trip, collective art city of Valparaíso.
2012 Exhibition Transportravestivalpo Galerá Bahía Utópica, Valparaíso.

2013 Exhibition Animalparaiso Galerá Bahía Utópica, Valparaíso.

2014 Collective" Enterarte "Palacio de La Moneda, Santiago.

2015 Colectiva "Enterarte" Cultural Center Mapocho Station, Santiago. 
2015 Collective "Enterarte" Fundación Telefónica, Santiago. 
2015 Collective Space BUGA, Santiago.

2017 Exhibition Vuelopolis Galerá Bahía Utópica, Valparaíso.

2017 Collective "ESSA EFA" Gallery La Cerverina d'Art , Leida, Spain.

2018 Exhibition Doble Standard Sala El Farol Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile

2018 Exhibition Memoria Medial Faro de Arte Contemporaneo Building, Santiago, Chile