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A self-taught painter, Eduardo Mena was born in Santiago in 1964. He studied Architecture at the Catholic University of Valparaíso. In 1988 he began a series of exhibitions that have taken his works through galleries and museums in Santiago, Valparaiso in Chile and Mexico. He worked on the project "Museo Picasso in Chile", with more than 30 natural-sized reproductions, painted and sculpted in wood.

His latest exhibition was held in Valparaiso, Chile in November 2018.  The exhibition "La Aldea Del Hombre" (The Village of Man) was presented at Bahía Utópica and consisted of fifteen of the most recent works by Eduardo Mena.

Eduardo travels extensively through Latin America.  He resided for a few years in Mexico (Chiapas and Guanajuato), where he exhibited in multiple individual and collective exhibitions. His time abroad is combined with periods in Valparaíso and Santiago.  His paintings collect images and impressions of life in places as diverse as New York, Mexico, La Tirana, San Pedro de Atacama, Chiloé and mainly, the port of Valparaíso. The place where it all started.

About Eduardo Mena...

Eduardo Mena and his painting

Mena's work of agile and graphic brush strokes creates the night atmosphere and the melancholy of a port city.  In the words of journalist Marcela Kupffer: "Landscapes merge in the city dreamed up by Mena.  We dont know the city's exact location and its limits.  We only know that the city's streets are traversing the valley and the sea, the streets and the facades, the lights of the day and the shadows of nightfall.  Mena, the traveler, guides us through his city  with a mission: notice its tenuous landscapes, observe its inhabitants and its dark corners, watch through time that has been forgotten."

One half of Mena's exhibition are his diurnal works, that is, painted in the wind under the sun, more focused on architecture,

"They are warmer and in some ways more loving, a direct reflection of this humanity, pure, poor, crazy and true. "

The other half are his nocturnal paintings. “They are classic and realistic, naive and full of tenderness, and in general they hide a good dose of beauty, made only of soul and heart.  They speak of a taciturn, very much Chilean world that cost me infinite and long solitude”

“Somber and taciturn, long, bitter, sweet and dark nights.  However, they follow a warm and dazzling light.  These have been long and difficult paintings, taciturn so to speak.” explains Mena.

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