Art House SF welcomes Hajime Namiki

Art House SF welcomes Hajime Namiki

We are pleased to welcome Hajime Namiki to our gallery!

Hajime is a contemporary Japanese woodblock master from Tokyo, Japan. Hajime Namiki follows the philosophy of the traditional Sōsaku-hanga art movement: Namiki draws, carves, and prints each one of his artworks.  

Hajime Namiki photo

We were introduced to Namiki's work on our recent trip to Japan in the world-famous Watanabe Woodcut Prints publishing house in Ginza, Tokyo by Mr. Watanabe-san himself:

Watanabe-san and Watanabe Woodcut Prints in Tokyo, Japan


We will be exhibiting the most recent Hajime Namiki's woodblock prints in our gallery in April of 2024.  Please stay tuned!

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