Our first major art show!

Out first major Art Show

Well, a lot of firsts for us lately.  But this one was the real test.  Art San Diego is an annual contemporary art show in the heart of San Diego, in the brand new San Diego Convention center in Gaslight district.  Art House SF had a large 10x20 feet exhibition booth right next to other 60 top international and American galleries.


Unforgivable 5 days!  From setting up my first professional art exhibition booth in 8 hours, forgetting to have the sign for the galelry name and running to Kinko's two hours before opening.  To meeting awesome sculptors, artists, Cupertino neighbors, Danville artists, tatoo artists, museum curators, gallerists with 20+ years of experience, my first Facebook follower(!), hearing "have I seen this somewhere on Instagram", or "I love your story on your website".  So many great conversations.  Ultimately, it was the art of Albena Vatcheva, Lobsang Durney, George Abramidze and Pep Ventosa that had people stop, look and think.    Their art was captivating, capturing imagination, making people ask questions and start conversations.  








October 15, 2019