What is Art House SF?

a different type of gallery

Art House SF is a different type of gallery. It's not even a gallery per se. Its a living organism, so its definition is not solid yet. You will define it.

It came out from the strong desire to find talented artists both locally and internationally. Some artists are only beginning their careers; some are well-recognized in their countries; some are known internationally.

I want to help them get recognized beyond their physical limits. Should an amazing, talented artist from Valparaiso, Chile, have the same opportunity to showcase her or his art as the local San Francisco artist? The internet with its Facebook and Instagram helps, of course, but art needs to be touched and felt.


More than anything, we seem to be living in a global world. Yes, our Costco fish is shipped from Philipines and avocados from Mexico, and our wines are from Chile. Yes, I have seen Coca Cola stands in remote villages in Sahara and Sneakers bars sold in cow dung houses in remote Tibet. But how much of culture, mindset, knowledge, and spirituality do we really "import"? Do we have something to learn from ancient Buddhist temples of Nepal, or the former largest seaport of the Pacific (no, it is not San Francisco), or from the country that adopted Christianity before Rome did? I think we do. And I think art is one of those channels that can help us enrich our vision and our understanding of this world.


Art House SF is a house art gallery, an online store, a bridge between the artists I meet when I travel, and YOU, the current and future art collectors. It is the bridge between the old and the new, between the West and the East, between the past and future.


It's the house that welcomes you.


Max Khusid

Owner, Art House SF

July 12, 2019