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  • How to Afford Art

    or why art isn't only for the one percenters
    by Max Khusid
    How to Afford And, Kwon Neung, "Rembrandt" painting
    Kwon Neung, Rembrandt, 2019. Photo taken at Art Basel Hong Kong, 2019

    How to afford art?  This question is not usually posed as a question, rather it comes out as a statement: "I can't afford art", or "Well, when I become super rich", or "I wish I could afford original art".  Art historically has been classified as a "luxury item".  We think of Victorian kings and queens, super expensive Sotheby's auctions or well-known masters displayed in the best museums in the world.  In this short blog post, I'll try to argue with myself or maybe even convince you that art can be made affordable.  Please choose to agree or completely disagree with me.

  • An Unofficial Guide to de Young Museum

    Get the most out of your visit
    by Max Khusid
    de Young Museum, San Francisco
    de Young Museum, San Francisco
    In the Spring on 2018, I voluntered for de Young Museum in San Francisco.  It's one of my most favorite museums in the world, and a must-visit for San Francisco visitors.  Yet, I've seen people struggle navigating it and not getting the best experience.  Here's my short guide how to get the most out of your visit.
  • Hunters Point, San Francisco

    A land forgotten, a land discovered
    by Max Khusid
    Hunters Point Shipyard
    Hunters Point Shipyard. Image by Devon Kelley

    Art House SF is located in Hunters Point, San Francisco.  Most people in San Francisco Bay Area have never heard of this part of the city.  Some who lived in the city for a while want to disown it, avoid coming here at all costs.  Somehow it simply doesn't fit into that stereotypical image of San Francisco.  Hunters Point history has too many pages that many want to forget.  Yet Hunters Point is perhaps more intimate, more personal, more real San Francisco than Mission, Coit Tour or Alcatraz.

  • Art Basel Hong Kong

    An intro to the Art World
    by Max Khusid
    Art Basel Hong Kong

    In March 2019, I felt restless at home.  I travelled to 9 countries in 2018, but stayed put in California so far.  I went on, looked up on the airfare prices to Hong Kong and what do you know, it was only $500 roundtrip.  So I decided to visit Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Central.  Two of the largest Art Fairs in Asia.  Here's a short video from the inforgettable week in Hong Kong.  This was my first introduction to the world of fine art