Cristina Vera Aguilar, In her own words...

My exhibitions have been designed with the intention of making the viewer dream of a surreal landscape.  The world in a wide range of colors and their contrasts in their natural and free environment.  At my exhibitions in art galleries and university halls, I present dreamy imaginative characters, nature exalted with bright colors, where the trees and the forests are always presented as a permanent state of unconsciousness and consciousness. All in a single sense of beauty with color.


In 2012 I exhibited in New York City, USA at Jadite Gallery, representing CHILE at the Ibero-American Exhibition, together with other Spanish colleagues during an unforgettable month.  I presented my artwork in acrylic and oil.


My biggest exhibition so far was at the Art Gallery of the Casino Marina del Sol, Talcahuano, Chile. I invited visual artists Yonarev and Ana María Hidalgo for an exhibition of sculptures, installations, paintings and cinema.  This "collective" had the goal to

change our awareness in a profound way of valuing life, time and people while leaving behind our virtual world addictions.