Inna Petrashkevich

Inna Petrashkevich lives in Belorussia. She is a successful illustrator who has been painting for 20+ years. Inna regularly travels and gives master classes in watercolor in Eastern Europe. She is shy and reserved in person. She wants her art to speak for itself.

Yet, she has a significant following on social media. She likes to talk about many of her designs that their way to the homes of so many people. There was a Chinese company that "copied" her designs and now manufacturing housewares with her art without the proper royalties. Then there's a Russian company that has her floral designs on kitchenware — properly licensed (thank you!). What she is enjoying most is human interaction, and somehow, she managed to become an Instagram sensation. 20,000 people follow her on Instagram!!! Yes, these are real people. From all over the world.

Inna paints almost every day. It is not easy to be an artist. But to me, it also means that she is inspired every day. And that makes me very very jealous :)