Art House SF is an emerging art gallery in San Francisco, California.  It was started by Max Khusid in February, 2019.  



We pay artists upfront.  Almost all galleries do not pay artists upfront.  They "consign" artists' work, which means they only pay artists when the gallery sells their work.  We don't think that's right.  We think artists need to be paid for their work.  


By paying artists upfront Art House SF takes a big risk.  But it also means that we invest in the artist, in her or his future, in her or his work.  We genuinly believe in our artists.   


We know our artists personally.  You won't find "submit your art here" forms on our website.  It is important for us to get to know the person behind their art.  To talk with artists, to help them where we can.  We don't want to be yet another "online store", another "market place", another faceless app.  We text, Facebook message, WhatsApp chat, Insta chat, Zoom chat, meet in person for coffee, visit their houses, get invited to their bar mitzvahs (ok, I made it up :) with our artists.


We look for them all over the world.  Literally.  In the last two years, Max visited 12 countries around the globe in search of great art and artists.  France, Nepal, Israel, Hong Kong, Georgia, Argentina, Armenia, Chile, Scotland, Morocco, Peru, Italy.  It is important for him to submerge in the same atmosphere and culture as the artists who live there.  It is important to breathe their air, understand the local culture, speak a few basic words, and see what inspires them.  


Sometimes, it takes him to the high Tibetian planes in Nepal and the forbidden city of Lo Monthang drinking yak milk tea with the locals.  Sometimes, he ends up in the middle of the Chilean or Hong Kong revolution.  Sometimes, it is the Atacama desert sky and stars that he and you can recognize in the works of his favorite Chilean artist.



Why Now?

Art vs. Tech.  After 20+ years in the high-tech working for academia, multiple startups, and big corporations like Apple, Max felt that in our technology and information overload world, we need more art.  He felt that art is capable of reaching our deepest subconsciousness and changing us in the way that the act-now, think-fast, get-more-likes technology can't.  


Art has no borders.  We seemingly live in a highly global world.  Yet, the world is much more "global" when it comes to commerce and not as much when it comes to culture and art.  Most international artists simply cannot market themselves here in the US.  Instagram is helping, yet art needs to be touched and felt in person.  So we'd like to bring it to you.


In the world where so many would like to build walls, we would like to build more bridges.